Rana Suzan London is a contemporary brand specialised in handmade leather bags and accessories. The conspicuous yet simplistic style of the brand stems from its contemporary approach to product design.

The designer Rana Suzan, personally handpicks the materials; creates the lines and manufactures each item by hand. 

Owning a Rana Suzan item means you are part of this creative experience with so many stories to be told by you.  


Commitment to Quality

The hands tend to get the credit but the liturgical embodiment of the labour, tools and finest materials...

Our leathers are sourced and handpicked by Rana Suzan herself.

High quality genuine leather and other materials blend together in the pursuit of elegance and usability.

We like experimenting with different materials too. Therefore, you will see us launching new lines with touches of silver, gems and semi-precious stones.

Mini Purses by Rana Suzan London

Ethically Sourced

As the key component in our products, genuine leather is used in our bags, clutches, purses and most of our complementary accessories.

We combine hide and fabrics in our designs too.

The hides used in our bags are secondary products of the agriculture sourced to ur best knowledge.

The majority of hair on hides are less processed form of leather.